Welcome to the data mining WEB interface of the ICT4Rehab (Advanced ICT Platform for Rehabilitation) project. ICT4Rehab was a 3-year strategic project funded by Innoviris, which finished in January 2014. It targeted the development of assistive ICT technologies (Computer-aided gait data analysis and Kinect-based serious gaming) for the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy. This interface is connected to the ICT4Rehab database, and allows you to interactively test the data mining tools that were developed in this project.

Available visualization and data mining tools

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Data viewer

Gait Indices (1)

Gait Indices (2)

Gait classifier

Patient map


Documentation is available here.

Video tutorials


Create new patient

Patient records

Group explorer

Gait indices

Gait classifier

2D Patient map

Available data

Data are retrieved from the ICT4Rehab database, specifically designed for handling cerebral palsy data. The database includes tables for storing anamnesis data, clinical tests, medical interventions, and gait analysis data. Data from three different hospitals are stored in the database: Please contact ICT4Rehab project coordinator Serge Van Sint Jan (sintjans *at* ulb.ac.be) for any query related to the ICT4Rehab project.

Patient records

The patient records tab provides a comprehensive view of the historical patient data: anamnesis data, clinical tests, medical intervention and gait analysis sessions.

Group explorer

The group explorer allows to query the database and to create groups of functional trials, which can be subsequently fed in the data mining tools (gait classification, patient maps)

Gait Analysis Program

The Gait Analysis Program is a visualization tool designed by Dr. Robert Noble (Robert Gordon University) and Dr. Ray White (Sunderland University), whose purpose is to aid the analysis of the graphical output of gait data. A description of its features is available here, and the original link to the applet is here. The applet is available from our interface thanks to the kind authorization of its authors and respective universities. To run it from our interface, click on the gait session links availabe from the patient timeline in the patient records tab.


The ICT4Rehab project was funded by the Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation (Innoviris). Gait data were made available thanks to the LABO team of the Erasme Hospital and the Hôpital Universitaire des Enfants Reine Fabiola. The Gait Analysis Program was made available thanks to Dr. Robert Noble, Robert Gordon University and Dr. Ray White, Sunderland University.


For any questions, or to be informed of updates on this page, please send a mail to Yann-Aël Le Borgne: yleborgn *at* ulb.ac.be